What does a full Integrative Health Coaching program look like?

The most common coaching series will ask for a minimum of a three month commitment, meeting biweekly for 30-45 minutes.

  1. The first step in health coaching is to gain a new understanding of all the different areas of your life that affect your health by using two tools: A Wheel of Health and a Personal Health Inventory. Once you establish where are and where you want to be, you will pick one area to focus on improving.  

  2. You and your coach will then work together increase your readiness to change by working through levels of importance and confidence in whatever area you want to change.

  3. We will then set a goal, come up with preparation strategies and identify potential barriers that might arise. 

  4. As you move through the various stages of change we will continue to work together to assure that you are continuing to make healthy behavioral changes in the direction that feels right for you. 

  5. A closing series ends when clients reach the end of their coaching agreement and feel satisfied with the progress they have made toward their goals. Some clients will choose to renew their coaching agreement, perhaps working on an additional goal, while other clients may be ready to complete the coaching relationship.