Sahmura Gonzalez
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Sahmura Gonzalez
Personal Trainer & Integrative Health Coach

What would training be like?

Sahmura believes that training should look at the whole person and at all the different areas that impact your overall wellness. It should be both fun and serious, challenging, and motivating.

Both In-Person and Online Remote Training Programs are designed to improve to your fitness, achieve your physical goals, and  make you feel better and move more efficiently to allow you to live the life you want to live.

Where do the In-Person Training sessions take place?

Hype USQ

37 Union Square West

New York, NY 10003

*Hype is a private training facility just for personal trainer’s and their clients. No gym membership is needed.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Submit your contact information along with your goals and any questions you have.

Step 2: Once your contact info is received you will be contacted to set up a phone consultation to further discuss your goals and what you are looking to get out of training.

Step 3: Online Remote Training: Sign up online to be able to begin your monthly program. In-Person Training: Set up a time for your first session! Payment will take place at the time of your first session.